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Sohni Dharti Remittance Program: Empowering Non-Resident Pakistanis

In a world that is more connected than ever before, the contributions of Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) are invaluable to the country’s economy and development. To honor and incentivize these hardworking individuals who send remittances back home, 1LINK, in collaboration with various banks, the State Bank of Pakistan, and the Ministry of Finance, has introduced the groundbreaking Sohni Dharti Remittance Program (SDRP). This innovative initiative is designed to reward NRPs for their financial support to their loved ones in Pakistan. In this blog, we will delve into the details of the Sohni Dharti Remittance Program and how it can benefit NRPs and their beneficiaries.

Understanding the Sohni Dharti Remittance Program (SDRP)

The Sohni Dharti Remittance Program (SDRP) is a one-of-a-kind incentive program that aims to recognize and appreciate the valuable contributions of NRPs. SDRP is made accessible through a user-friendly smartphone application available in both English and Urdu languages. It offers a transparent and efficient way for remitters to track and update every remittance transaction they make while providing them with a unique opportunity to earn reward points, which can be redeemed for various services at multiple Public Service Entities (PSEs).

Earning Reward Points

One of the key features of SDRP is the ability for remitters to earn reward points on every remittance they send. The reward points are calculated based on a specific percentage of the remittance amount sent. SDRP offers three reward tiers, each providing a different percentage of the remittance amount as a reward:

1. Green Tier: For remittances up to USD 10,000, remitters receive 1.00% of the remittance amount as a reward in the form of equal PKR.

2. Gold Tier: Remittances ranging from USD 10,001 to USD 30,000 qualify for the Gold Tier, where remitters earn 1.25% of the remittance amount as a reward.

3. Platinum Tier: Those who send more than USD 30,000 in remittances fall into the Platinum Tier, where they receive 1.50% of the remittance amount as a reward.

What sets SDRP apart is that every remittance a remitter sends can help them upgrade their category level, potentially allowing them to earn even more reward points. These reward points are visualized on the smartphone application as a virtual card, which is updated automatically after each remittance transaction.

Registration Process

The registration process for SDRP is straightforward. Remitters can easily register themselves on the smartphone application, providing the necessary information and documentation. However, it’s important to note that beneficiaries can only be registered after authorization by the remitter, ensuring security and transparency in the program.

Redemption Benefits

The real value of SDRP lies in the redemption benefits it offers through various Public Service Entities (PSEs). These benefits are aimed at improving the lives of NRPs and their beneficiaries in Pakistan. Here are some of the notable redemption benefits provided by SDRP:

1. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA): NRPs can redeem their reward points for international air tickets and even cover extra baggage fees on PIA international flights, making it easier and more affordable to visit their homeland.

2. Federal Board of Revenue (FBR): Reward points can be used to pay mobile phone duty and duty on imported vehicles, reducing the financial burden associated with these expenses.

3. National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA): SDRP allows for the renewal of Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) and National Identity Cards for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) with reward points.

4. Passport Office: Beneficiaries can renew their passports conveniently using the accumulated reward points.

5. State Life Insurance/Takaful: Reward points can be used to make premium payments for life insurance or Takaful, providing financial security to NRPs and their families.

6. Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF): NRPs can utilize reward points to pay school fees, ensuring that their children have access to quality education in Pakistan.

7. Utility Stores Corporation: Reward points can be redeemed for retail purchases, helping NRPs and their families with everyday expenses.

8. Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment (BE&OE): SDRP covers emigrant registration fees, both for overseas employment and direct employment, simplifying the documentation process for NRPs seeking employment abroad.


The Sohni Dharti Remittance Program (SDRP) is a game-changer for Non-Resident Pakistanis, offering a unique and rewarding way to support their loved ones in Pakistan. Through a transparent and user-friendly smartphone application, NRPs can earn reward points on their remittances and redeem them for a wide range of essential services. SDRP not only acknowledges the immense contributions of NRPs to Pakistan’s economy but also makes their lives and the lives of their beneficiaries better by reducing financial burdens and improving access to essential services.

For Non-Resident Pakistanis, SDRP is not just a loyalty program; it’s a symbol of their enduring connection to their homeland and a testament to their commitment to the well-being of their loved ones in Pakistan. So, if you’re an NRP looking for a way to make your remittances go further and support your family back home, the Sohni Dharti Remittance Program is your gateway to a brighter future for you and your loved ones in Pakistan. Join SDRP today and be a part of this revolutionary initiative that empowers NRPs like never before.

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